12.2016alca 12V Kompressor im Produkttest unter produkt-test.net

06.2016 alca 12V Kompressor bei  camping-cars-caravans.de

02.2016 alca Starthilfekabel bei bikerszene.de

02.2016 alca 12V Kompressor bei pagenstecher.de

01.08.2014  Press - The alca®  article High-Pressure Air Pump with Gauge 217100 was awarded from the magazine „MOTORRAD Ausgabe 18/2014". In this issue alca Compressor 12V Nonstop 220000 and alca 180W High Power Compressor 207000 also were tested.

23.08.2010 Press - Magazine "Za Ruljom" (At steering wheel) No.9 September 2010 issue, Moscow Russian Federation (Article in german)

09.08.2010 TV - RTL alcohol tester AH-326 "Wacken 2010 - The day after"

03.06.2010Press - MOZ-Oder-Spree-Journal::"The young talent is long with the boot"

04.05.2010 Press- MOZ-Oder-Spree-Journal:"daily newspaper in the student club"

22.12.2009 TV - RBB-Brandenburg ZIBB: "Risk by alcohol hangover"

05.12.2009 Press - MOZ-Oder-Spree Journal:" Top-selling alcohol-tester from Storkow!"

16.11.2009 Press - Berliner Kurier: "Testing drives business" (Article in german)

21.05.2009 TV - RBB Brandenburg / THEODOR: „Alcohol testers in action“

20.05.2009 Radio - Antenne Brandenburg: "Alcohol testers for everybody“ (Article in german)

20.05.2009 Radio - Sender KW: Alkohol tester in Storkow Part 1 | Alkohol tester in Storkow Part 2 (Article in german)

27.04.2009 TV - RTL Explosiv: „Alcohol for breathing“

04.04.2009 Press - Märkische Allgemeine: A company has developped an alcohol tester for everybody...“

25.05.2009 Press - Märkischer Markt:  „Blow strongly rather than paying high penalty“ (Article in german)

16.03.2009 Press - Berliner Morgenpost: „Do-it-yourself, driver!“ (Article in german)

07.12.2008 TV - RTL.de: „Remaining alcohol – the morning after“

29.10.2008 Press - Auto Straßenverkehr:  „Why alcohol auto-control can be very important“ (Article in german)

25.05.2008 Press - Märkische Oderzeitung:  „From Storkow to the whole world“ (Article in german)

18.05.2008 Press - Märkischer Sonntag: „With full power and new shirts“ (Article in german)

20.08.2006 Press - Märkischer Sonntag:  „Worldwide clear sight“ (Article in german)

13.08.2006 Press - Märkischer Sonntag: „Sunshade for Storkow „Seepferdchen“-kindergarden“ (Article in german)

21.01.2005 Press - Auto Bild:  „This can be made more easily“ (Article in german)

08.01.1999 Press - Märkische Oderzeitung: „Germany´s best alcohol tester – from Storkow“